Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Trends for Spring/Summer

Here are some of the colour trends I am looking forward to for Spring/Summer!  
Well who isn't looking forward to Spring and Summer!
I love wearing bright colours!  Everyone can rock these colours...don't be afraid to venture out.
Start with coloured liner if you feel eyeshadows are a bit too much, or lip gloss if lipstick is too bright for you. 
Trish Tip:  Use lots of mascara if wearing eyeshadows without liner.  If wearing colour on the eyes use a neutral lip shade.  Same with lips, if using a bright lip colour, keep eyes neutral.


Greens - especially Lime Green


Feel free to mix purple shades with teal shades for a Peacock look which is very hot this season

Denim / Blue shades
Think of your blue jeans.


Mango shades

Pink Orchid / Fuschia shades

 Watermelon Lipgloss

all photos are from http://www.allure.com/

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