Sunday, October 27, 2013

5 Favs + a Brush for October

I am going to keep a series going every month on my 5 fav products plus a fav Brush.
I am calling it 5 Favs + a Brush.

I see a lot of blog posts on monthly favourites, and knowing me I switch up my routine a lot and find new brushes and makeup weekly.
In a way this will be my monthly favourites, as well as a chance for me to show new products, review them and show old products that I still love!

October favs

 garnier bb cream combination to oily
love this stuff! I use it everyday to replace foundation especially when I am in a rush
covers well and keeps my oily skin matte for most of the day
I am using med/dark now but will have to mix it with the light/medium soon 
and eventually go back to light/medium

maybelline fit me! shine-free foundation stick
I use this if I need a bit more cover after applying my bb cream
right now I am 220 and it seems to blend in perfectly
I used to use my fingers to blend, but now I use the real techniques foundation brush
(featured in this blog)

nars radiant creamy concealer
I splurged on this one because of all the great reviews and it was worth it!
goes on creamy and hides under eye circles as well as fine lines and does not crease!
it really brightens up the under eye making you look well rested!
right now my colour is ginger and will eventually have to start using/mixing with custard

 maybelline volum' express the falsies
great everyday mascara, gives great volume and makes my lashes thick
not a fan of curved brushes, but this one is awesome!

mac mineralized blush in gleeful
back to using this blush again! oldie but a goodie
very pigmented, use a light hand when applying!
makes my face look alive especially when I am feeling tired or blah

real techniques foundation brush
just picked this up at Winners last week
I wasn't sure if I wanted it, I am not a fan of flat foundation brushes
after trying it with several different products it seems to
work best with the Maybelline Fit Me stick foundation
I no longer use my fingers to blend it in!

MAC Lipstick Palette - Update

I just added 2 fresh new colours to my lipstick palette...

Needed some soft pinks after I saw what my palette looked like after I put the first 10 shades in.
lovelorn and angel

angel and lovelorn centre bottom

Sunday, October 20, 2013

MAC Lipstick Palette

I finally purchased a MAC Pro Lipstick palette! 
How exciting that I will be able to bring all my lipsticks in one compact case instead of bringing the bullets and opening each one to see the colours.  So annoying.

This palette I put together is more for Weddings/Brides.
The colours are more neutral.
I will definitely be getting another palette soon and putting darker and brighter colours in!

The "case" has a clear lid so it's easy to see all the colours
The inserts are sold separately
empty pro palette customize x 12 and "case"

bye bye bullets!

 my choices

gotta be sanitary!
I washed the palette with warm soapy water first, let air dry
then sprayed with the rubbing alcohol and wiped with a paper towel

 I chopped off the lipsticks and squished it in the well
some people like to melt it first, but it just seemed like too much work ;)
I think this works just fine!

don't forget to scoop out the rest of it, there is a lot down there!

 see!! a lot!  this is where you get your moneys worth making a lipstick palette

 all done! 2 left! remember at MAC you bring back 6 empties and get a free lipstick!

top to bottom, left to right
Blankety, Cherish, Velvet Teddy, Modesty, Brave, Cosmo
Ravishing, Crosswires, Hot Gossip, Chic

I know they all look the same but, they all have different finishes from matte to cream to frost
I will update with my 2 new colours soon!