Monday, October 8, 2012

Nails, Nails, Nails!

Nail polish has become really popular.  It seems a lot of makeup companies are into making their own brand.  Along with many colours there are also textures like magnetic, crackle, 3D, nail art design stickers etc.  It seems every colour is trendy now so you can't lose.
There are also many tutorials on you tube, one of my favourite is cutepolish.
If you follow me on instagram you will see I try to update my nail colour every week.  I tend to like darker colours for fall and winter and then go back to lights and brights in the summer.  Another trend I like is painting one or two nails a different colour/shade or applying nail art/decals.  My favourite are the sally hansen salon effects.  I usually do this to my ring finger.

essie nail colours

OPI up front and personal, with sally hansen salon effects polish strips

Here are some of my favourite nail polish colours, mostly OPI

    lights / neutrals
    bubble bath, sweetie pie, coney island cotton candy, up front and personal, moon over mumbai, mod about

    fun / brights
    save me, heart throb, elephantastic pink, hot & spicy, atomic orange, bright lights big colour

    i have a herring problem, lugerne-tainly look marvelous, catherine the grape, wooden shoe like to know,
    brisbane bronze, my private jet

    mac polishes 
    mean & green, pearl formidable, nightfall, baby goth girl, rocker


Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Mini MAC Haul

I went to MAC today to get a few things to add to my ever growing makeup collection.
I am actually doing makeup for 4 ladies this Saturday.  I got a call back from a wedding I did in February 2011.  It's always a good feeling when someone remembers you and wants their makeup done again!  This time they are not the wedding party, they are just attending a wedding.
Here are a few things I got today...

blush palette, lingering eyebrow pencil, blue swan eyeliner, crosswires lipstick, nicki minaj lipgloss, vex and typographic eyeshadow, mocha blush

It's been awhile since I have bought a new pro palette.  I was happy to see they changed it to a clear lid.
Now I can see what's inside!  Awesome!  Now I am tempted to buy all new ones for all my eyeshadows!  But that will come in time ;)

Here are some lipsticks I have been collecting for my kit and especially for weddings...

 brave, cherish, cosmo, crosswires, modesty, hot gossip, velvet teddy

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Makeover / Tips for Mature Skin

I recently had the pleasure of being able to do a makeover on my Aunt!
I thought it would be a great opportunity to blog about tips for women with mature skin.

Tip#1  Foundation.
As we age our skin begins to dull and fine lines/wrinkles start to show.  You want a foundation that helps moisturize and brings a glow to your skin.  Look for foundation that is for dry skin and will give a dewy finish.

Tip#2  Concealer.
As with foundation, you want to find a concealer that is moisturizing.
Make sure you use all around the eye area including the lid to conceal any veins.
If you have very dark circles, try using a peachy corrector first.

Tip#3  Powder.
The less powder you use the better.  Use a light dusting to set foundation and concealer.

Tip#4  Blush.
Use a bright blush to add a nice flush to the cheeks.  I think blush is a very important step to show youthfulness.  Apply to apples of cheeks and blend out and up!
Make sure you blend well, no clown cheeks please!

Tip#5  Lipgloss.
Lips thin as we get older.  Using a lipgloss instead of lipstick will help moisturize and make lips look fuller.  Look for a plumping one!

Tip#6  Lash Curler.
Everyone should use an eyelash curler. Curling your lashes will open your eyes so you look more awake.

Tip#7  Eyeliner.
Lightly lining the eye is a must. I suggest browns and greys, blacks can be a bit harsh.
It's more flattering to wing your eyeliner up.

Tip#8  Eyeshadow.
Matte shadows are a must.  A touch of shimmer eyeshadow can be worn but only near the inner tear duct and just under the brows.  Never wear shimmer or glittery eyeshadow over the whole lid.

Tip#9  Eyebrows.
Eyebrows naturally thin as we get older.  It is very important to find a pencil or shadow that closely matches the natural shade of your brows.  Drawing in your eyebrows will frame your eyes which makes them stand out.  Use short strokes to mimic hair, never draw a solid line.
A very youthful and important step!

My Aunt Herma before and after

Thank you to my Aunt Herma for being my model and thank you to my sister Candace for taking all the pictures!
If you are interested in a makeover including photos, give myself or Candace a call to set up an appointment.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Maybelline Colour Tattoo Review

Dare to wear 24HR shadow

I was able to purchase 5 of the 10 available colours.
Here are my thoughts....
I love them!  They are easy to work with, buildable and they last all day...just like they say in their ads.
I am not sure about 24 hours though, as I do wash my makeup off before going to bed ;)

How to use:

Use finger or a stiff brush to pat colour on to lid ( I used the 239 MAC brush), blend out edges with a blending brush ( I used the 217 MAC brush).
You have lots of options for different looks.  You can use as a base for regular eyeshadow, which will help intensify the eyeshadow, or use on it's own. 

The neutral colours make a great base for an everyday look or intensify for a smokey evening look.
I just used Bad to the Bronze here with a darker shimmer brown liner.

The brighter colours are great on their own.  I used a bit of MAC black fluid line to define my lashes.  Eyeliner or liquid liner is another great option.

These could have been built up for a more intense look, but I was going out grocery shopping ;)

I am still thinking of purchasing some other colours, Bold Gold and Pomegranate Punch.
I have been hearing a lot of bad reviews on the Painted Purple, as the colour is not as intense and hard to blend.

Price:  $7.99 - $9.99.
For this review I give Maybelline Colour Tattoo Eyeshadow 4 out of 5.
The only Con is that I wish there were more neutral colours, as they are comparable to MAC paintpots.