Sunday, October 16, 2011

Trash/Rock the Wedding Dress

The idea behind Trash the Dress is simple - instead of letting your gown fester in the back of a closet, slip it back on for a photoshoot where the bride transforms herself into a villainous or perhaps mischievous character and heads out one last time wearing her beautiful (and expensive) gown – to none other than, destroy it or rock it one more time.

My sister Liz and I were still able to fit into our wedding dress, so we planned for a shoot on Thanksgiving weekend.  The weather was awesome!

I mostly rocked mine, while Liz went a step further and actually went into the Muskoka River.

If you are interested in trashing or rocking your dress let us know!  Liz is a professional photographer and I am a makeup artist, we would love to help trash or rock yours too!

All pictures taken by Elizabeth Louter

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