Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Mini MAC Haul

I went to MAC today to get a few things to add to my ever growing makeup collection.
I am actually doing makeup for 4 ladies this Saturday.  I got a call back from a wedding I did in February 2011.  It's always a good feeling when someone remembers you and wants their makeup done again!  This time they are not the wedding party, they are just attending a wedding.
Here are a few things I got today...

blush palette, lingering eyebrow pencil, blue swan eyeliner, crosswires lipstick, nicki minaj lipgloss, vex and typographic eyeshadow, mocha blush

It's been awhile since I have bought a new pro palette.  I was happy to see they changed it to a clear lid.
Now I can see what's inside!  Awesome!  Now I am tempted to buy all new ones for all my eyeshadows!  But that will come in time ;)

Here are some lipsticks I have been collecting for my kit and especially for weddings...

 brave, cherish, cosmo, crosswires, modesty, hot gossip, velvet teddy

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