Sunday, October 20, 2013

MAC Lipstick Palette

I finally purchased a MAC Pro Lipstick palette! 
How exciting that I will be able to bring all my lipsticks in one compact case instead of bringing the bullets and opening each one to see the colours.  So annoying.

This palette I put together is more for Weddings/Brides.
The colours are more neutral.
I will definitely be getting another palette soon and putting darker and brighter colours in!

The "case" has a clear lid so it's easy to see all the colours
The inserts are sold separately
empty pro palette customize x 12 and "case"

bye bye bullets!

 my choices

gotta be sanitary!
I washed the palette with warm soapy water first, let air dry
then sprayed with the rubbing alcohol and wiped with a paper towel

 I chopped off the lipsticks and squished it in the well
some people like to melt it first, but it just seemed like too much work ;)
I think this works just fine!

don't forget to scoop out the rest of it, there is a lot down there!

 see!! a lot!  this is where you get your moneys worth making a lipstick palette

 all done! 2 left! remember at MAC you bring back 6 empties and get a free lipstick!

top to bottom, left to right
Blankety, Cherish, Velvet Teddy, Modesty, Brave, Cosmo
Ravishing, Crosswires, Hot Gossip, Chic

I know they all look the same but, they all have different finishes from matte to cream to frost
I will update with my 2 new colours soon!

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