Sunday, May 22, 2011

Favourite Makeup Brushes

Here are a few of my favourite makeup brushes....meaning the ones I use regularly!
Most of my brushes are MAC brushes but I also use Quo.  I have recently been trying out Sigma Brushes, which are a great alternative to MAC and a great price!


MAC 109 small contour brush

This is my favourite brush!  I use this every single day.
It's labeled at MAC as a "contour brush"  It is definitely a multi-purpose brush.
I have used it for powder, blush, liquid foundation applicator and of course contouring. But I mostly use it for face powder.  It works great with mineralized skinfinish products.
I don't leave home without this brush.

MAC 150 large powder brush

This is my fatty brush.
It is a great multi-purpose brush too.
I mostly use this for dusting access powder from the face, but it works great for blush and bronzer.

MAC 129 powder/blush brush

This was the first brush I ever bought from MAC over 10 years ago!
It's still in excellent shape!  I take care of my brushes ;)
Back then I used it as a multi-purpose brush, now it's used for blush and mostly for bronzer.


MAC 138 tapered face brush

This is a new addition to my face brushes.
I wasn't too sure about it at first, but I started figuring it out.
The pointy end is great for blush, bronzer and highlighter, gives a more contoured look.
I am using this brush more and more.

MAC 116 blush brush

This is my blush brush.
It's great for small faces or a more precise blush application.

MAC 130 short duo fibre brush

This is my ultimate favourite brush!  This brush changed my life!!
I cannot apply foundation without this brush...forget sponges, the flat top brush, the flat foundation brush, even the duo fibre brush.  If I don't have this brush I would rather use my fingers.
I do not leave home without this brush!!


SIGMA E40 tapered blending brush

I wanted this brush from MAC but wasn't sure if I would use it, so I got it from Sigma for fraction of the price.
I LOVE IT!  I use this brush the most out of all my eye shadow brushes.
It's perfect for applying a base eyeshadow to the entire eye.
It's also good for blending in the crease.  
I use it for both.
MAC 224 is a bit smaller but I prefer the size of the Sigma one.

MAC 217 blending brush

All makeup artists swear by this brush.  I think it is the most popular eye brush ever!
I have 2!  One I use for creamy eyeshadows and eyeshadow base.
The other one I use for powder eyeshadow, it fits perfectly in the crease for applying contour colour and easy blending.
This brush is a must!

MAC 239 eyeshader brush

This brush is popular too.  It's great for packing colour onto the lid.
I like to use it for darker colours for the outer part of crease and then use the 217 (above) to blend.

MAC 219 pencil brush

I use this brush everyday too!  It's perfect for blending eyeliner pencil.
I use it to smoke out eyeliner and add shadow under the eye.

QUO angled eyeliner brush

If you have problems applying liquid eyeliner then you need this brush!
This is the perfect eyeliner brush.  It is angled to make application a lot easier.
Try it, you will see what I mean!


MAC 316 lip brush

I like this lip brush because of the metal cover that you store on the end of the brush to make the brush full size.
The brush is the perfect size for precise lipstick application.

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